Is work sacred?

Whether we call it burn out, or boredom, most folks know the feeling of being fed up with work. However, most of us also know that we were called, spiritually summoned, to do the work that we do. So if we know we're on a spiritual mission, and we also know that work is jus sometimes hard, how do we keep our work sacred and avoid quitting altogether?

In this session of #SacredSpace there is an interactive discussion on work, pressure versus motivation, and the boundaries needed to keep our work sacred.


What if time is sacred?

There may not be a such thing as perfect timing with everything that life demands from us, yet holding time sacred, even just short periods of time can do wonders for our sanity and our soul. 

In this session of #SacredSpace Shereea Woods, founder of , discusses morning routines and how even the smallest of rituals improves how we feel about our lives and about ourselves.


What if we're already alright?

What if you thought your main priority was the task to protect and project the light that you are, just as it is, without spending energy to improve on yourself at all? What if your ulitimate desire was to nurture yourself in a way that made you the most powerful person you could be? What would you do everyday....How would you talk to yourself...How would you be in relationships with others ... if you thought of your life as #SacredSpace ?

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What do we do between now and Justice?

While we create, parent and work woke, we find ourselves in a world not quite where we want it to be, and wonder how to prepare for a better world while we live in the less than ideal world we hope to change.

Educator and musician Geno Young joins me on this session of #SacredSpace to discuss what to do when "we got next" isn't really how it all works.


"Our boys don't need saving, they need ____________ ." On this edition of #SacredSpace Michelle WilliamsJamila Thomas and Christian Yazdanpanah join me to discuss how they complete this sentence. 

Philanthropists, entrepreneurs and  advocates will want to listen in as we all return from #Wakanda to discuss the real work that's at the root of joy and success #ForOurBoys 

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Dr. Baranda Fermin and guest Rev. Deneen Robinson discuss how our world's engagement of Black Women has left us in dire need to both be and have Sacred Spaces. 

Then the space for grace is explored with Rev. Becky Hensely as we talk about the sacred encounters clergy have in the most unlikely places.