Sacred Space

Mon. Feb. 19, 2018


"Our boys don't need saving, they need ____________ ." On this edition of #SacredSpace Michelle WilliamsJamila Thomas and Christian Yazdanpanah join me to discuss how they complete this sentence. 

Philanthropists, entrepreneurs and  advocates will want to listen in as we all return from #Wakanda to discuss the real work that's at the root of joy and success #ForOurBoys 

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Sacred Space

Mon. Feb. 12, 2018


Dr. Baranda Fermin and guest Rev. Deneen Robinson discuss how our world's engagement of Black Women has left us in dire need to both be and have Sacred Spaces. 

Then the space for grace is explored with Rev. Becky Hensely as we talk about the sacred encounters clergy have in the most unlikely places.