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Coffee + Colloquia

Coffee + Colloquia, is a 3- hour workshop designed to provide Fuel and Solutions. Spend time with a small group of focused entrepreneurs and business leaders engaging in the following:

  • Planning strategic organizational growth

  • Evaluating targeted goals,

  • Solving nagging strategic, marketing, PR, growth and capacity building roadblocks.

Often, we hunker down alone to map out future business growth. Then, we have a question outside of our expertise, and attempt to find the answer in our real time circle or internet resource.

Does the following “solution” sound familiar?

While trying to problem solve, you get distracted by the other messages in your inbox, or the social media black hole.

(Points at you, Pinterest)

 Then, you move to the next task, only to hit the same block. You reach out to your network (again), they don’t have answers (again),  and so devolves your planning session. You get things done; but, it can take several weeks to really get it all done. Weekly isolation to execute, is time you can’t find. Once a month seems like a sacrifice, and once per quarter is downright inefficient.

This is the space Coffee + Colloquia fills. We provide sustenance, information, a networked tribe, and focused time to just get some shit done.

The added bonus? All the coffee you need to stay fueled.

It’s the planning session you always wanted, but amplified. Bring your laptop, tablet, or your favorite notebook/pen combination. We structure solutions, you keep your sanity, and your business thrives.

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