The Official Website of Dr. Baranda Fermin 




Hello! I’m so glad that you’ve found my website. This is the where I provide information about myself, my work and upcoming events where I’ll be interviewed, speaking or giving a helping hand. So if you are interested or simply curious about me or my work you’ve come to the best place. Please join me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.



I have chosen to teach, mentor, write, think, and engage in dialogue, advocacy & philanthropy because I don’t believe that anything we do that is productive is done alone or in isolation. We are made to be in relationship with ideas, the world around us and most importantly one another as a means to encourage, edify and esteem. 


Philanthropic Innovation

It is through faith and compassion that suffering is given meaning and becomes worthwhile sacrifice. The basis of relationship is to give meaning to one’s life and work; and if through our work each of us should develop someone else’s talents & skills, then no dream shall go unfulfilled. Let us not just give, or give more. Let us find new ways to make impact.